The Top Bar Area in Impeka

With Impeka Theme you can customize the Top Bar as you wish under Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Top Bar Options. For starters, you can either have or not have it active, depending on how you like your website.

Let’s see the possibilities you have with the Top Bar activated:

Top Bar Spacing : You can set a custom spacing for top & bottom margin as you wish.
Top Bar Full Width : You have the option to have a full-width top bar.

There are 2 independent left and right top area bars you could use.
You have the following Left/Right Area elements available:

Menu: Assigned under Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations.
Text: You could add some custom text.
Search: Opens the Search function.
Language Selector: You can change the language shown in case of a multilingual site (WPML or Polylang required).
Contact Form: Opens the Contact Form function with multiple styling options to choose from.
Social Icons: You can choose which social icons you want to be shown.

Last but not least, you can set the colors for the TopBar under Theme Options > Customize > Colors – Top Bar.


Top Bar Options in Impeka
Top Bar Options in Impeka


Left Top Bar Area Impeka
Left Top Bar Area Impeka