Safe Button in Impeka

Greatives unique and famous Safe Button feature is also included in Impeka. It’s a new version that is evolved and revealing. It’s placed in Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Safe Button Area.

This area contains three fields :

  1. Safe Button Area Item : You can select the item you have created in the Area Item. It’s a Custom Post Type where by using your preferred Page Builder and any of the available elements, you can design everything. Combined with the Menu element can help you design any off-canvas menu area.
  2. Safe Button Icon : In this field, you can choose one of the predefined icons for the Safe Button or you can upload your icon.

Keep in mind that in Post Types (pages, posts, single portfolio, products), you can override the initial settings of the safe button and select a different kind for each one of your Post Type.

You can remove the Safe Button if you remove the Safe Button Area Item by clicking the “x” sign.