List Title element in Impeka

You will find the List Title element in the enhanced WPBakery Page Builder of Impeka.

This element provides a beautiful list of Portfolio, Post, or Product items.

Let’s see the available options.


General Options

Post Type: Choose between Portfolio/Post/Product.

Order By and Order: Define your order options.

Bottom margin: Add a bottom margin if you prefer.

Extra class name: You can use an extra class name if you want to style this element with CSS.


Styles & Titles

Overlay Color and Opacity: Define color and opacity for overlay.

Title Tag, Size, and Color: Define options for the Title.

Text Color: Set the color for your text.

Line Color: Set the color for the line.


Pagination & Extras

Items per page: Set the items you want to display.

Display Style: Select if you want to display all items or display the pagination.



Select if you want to display a filter and set All Text, Order, Style, and Alignment.



You can select specific categories or exclude/include specific posts.


List Title Element in Impeka
List Title Element (enhanced WPBakery Page Builder) in Impeka