Impeka and Elementor Pro

Impeka comes with the Elementor page builder. However, using Elementor Pro is a different option in website development. We don’t support the Elementor Pro version because it is a website builder and not just a page builder that you can use with our theme. Impeka is a premium WP theme and website builder, so using another website builder is not recommended.

If you have Elementor Pro, you can use any of the pro elements but not the parts as the pro templates and header & footer builder. Impeka provides a few customizable header layouts and custom footers entirely via the Area Items so you don’t need another builder for it. Also, in Impeka Elementor Library you can import theme templates from our demos.

From our point of view, if someone wants to use the Elementor builder as a website builder (and not as a page builder), there is no need to use any premium theme.