Bottom Bar

Just above your footer you can also add and customize one extra area, the Bottom Bar area. You can add two elements:

  1. Social Icons
  2. Newsletter (Mailchimp Plugin)

In order to customize the Newsletter field looks like in Osmosis’s demo use the code below in MailChimp for WP Forms .

<input type="email" id="mc4wp_email" name="EMAIL"
 placeholder="Your email address" required />
 <input type="submit" value="Sign up" />

Since version 3.0 the MailChimp for WP plugin made some major changes. That means that if you need it to work with Osmosis you must do the following:

1. Use version 2.8 or higher of Osmosis theme
2. Go to Theme Options > Miscellaneous and select the form you have created in Newsletter Form (MailChimp) drop down menu.

Have in mind that anyone can also use the Pro version of the MailChimp for WP plugin with Osmosis.