Upload and Use SVG icons in Impeka

It is well known that WordPress does not allow the upload of SVG files, and the main reason is that they are insecure. This is because the SVG is not an image format but a document format (considering that SVG files allow JavaScript to be embedded). Therefore, we did not add the function to allow the SVGs to upload in Impeka.

However, we support these for users who upload SVG files in their installations in various elements (Icon, Icon Box, Counter). How can you upload an SVG file? You need to install and activate a plugin for this (e.g. https://wordpress.org/plugins/safe-svg/https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-add-mime-types/).

Themes must not enable SVG uploads as it raises security concerns due to the possibility of attackers executing malicious code through SVG’s XML. For more information on SVG uploads, refer to SVG uploads in WordPress article.