Translations & WPML in Reload

Reload is officially WPML ready as you can see here. The compatibility between Reload and WPML has been verified by the WPML team and you can find the public test site in Reload Multilingual theme.

Purchasing and Installing WPML

If you finally decide to use WPML (the most famous multilingual WP Plugin) you can purchase it from here. After installing and activating both Reload and WPML you can find a getting started guide in Getting started with WPML.

How to set and translate main features of Reload

  1. Using translation management. Read more details
  2. Translation Management & Features.Read more details
  3. Translating URL slugs. Read more details

How to translate strings coming from Reload

  1. How to scan the strings of Reload.Read more details
  2. How to translate the strings of Reload.Read more details

WPML language switcher and Reload

Reload also offers a predefined position for the flags, in the navigation bar of our Theme. So you’re able to use only WPML flags without deforming the basic theme style.

How to use your own flags in WPML

  1. Go to WPML > languages, click on edit languages link
  2. Upload your custom flags
  3. Upload (replace them) again your custom flags manually via FTP to /wp-content/uploads/flags/ folder

Additionally, if you need to adjust a custom language switcher there is a specific reference in here.


Undoubtedly, Greatives team recommends the usage of WPML with Reload if you wish to make your WP site runs multilingual with the easiest and safest way.