Safe Button

After the major success of the safe button of Osmosis, we came back with an extend new Safe Button. It’s a total new version which is evolved and revealing. It’s placed in Theme Options > Header Options > Safe Button Area.

This area contains three fields :

  1. Safe Button Area Item : You can select the item you have created in the Area Item. It’s a Custom Post Type where by using the Visual Composer and our handcrafted elements, you are able to add anything you wish. You can create any row and column and add any element you want.
  2. Safe Button Layers : In this field, you can choose the amount of layers you want to create, from 1 to 3. Apart from the number of layers, you are able to select the color for each one of them. You can do that under Appearance > Customize > Colors – Safe Button.
  3. Safe Button Image : Here, you can upload an image-logo for the safe button which will be the effect of the safe button while it opens and closes.

Keep in mind that in Post Types (pages, posts, single portfolio, products), you can override the initial settings of the safe button and select a different kind for each one of your Post Type.