Image Sizes in Reload

Below you can see the image sizes from the functions.php file. We recommend uploading images of exactly the sizes listed bellow so as WordPress will not resize your images. This will just save some server bandwidth.

Of course, no matter the image size someone uploads, the images will be automatically (on the fly) cropped (resized) in the following sizes.

add_image_size( ‘grve-image-small-rect’, 80, 80, true ); //Widget Portfolio, Navigation Post-Portfolio, Team small
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-medium’, 430, 300, true ); // Masonry Landscape
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-medium-rect’, 430, 430, true ); // Masonry Rectangle, Portfolio Grid, Gallery Grid
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-medium-carousel’, 560, 350, true ); //Carousel
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-medium-team’, 560, 560, true ); //Team Large
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-blog-small’, 570, 320, true ); //Small Media
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-blog-large-resize’, 1170, 9999 ); // Large Media Image
add_image_size( ‘grve-image-blog-large’, 1170, 658, true ); //Large Media Slider