How to update Movedo and its required plugins

Keep in mind that we provide lifetime updates and dedicated support in order to have no problems with the new versions of WP. Besides that, Movedo offers new features in every new release. So please, stay updated.

How to use the Movedo Theme 1-click Update

This is for sure the easiest and fastest way to update Movedo. The only thing you have to do is to activate the theme update and enter your Themeforest username and an API key (from Envato).
Follow the steps below in order to use the auto update:

  1. Go Theme Options > Theme Update
  2. Enable Theme Update
  3. Insert your Themeforest username and an API key from your Envato account
  4. Save changes and you’re ready.

When there is a new update of Movedo you will be informed (message at top) in Appearance > Themes screen and in Theme Options screen.
Then you will be able to update Movedo with just one-click. Don’t forget to update the required plugins in case that you are prompted (read the last 5 steps in this page).

1-Click Update Method from Greatives on Vimeo.

How to update Movedo (old-school method)

This is the old-school method for the updates of Movedo.
Follow the steps below:

  1. Deactivate Movedo – (activate one of the WP themes like Fourteen)
  2. Delete Movedo
  3. Upload and install the new version of Movedo, then activate it.
  4. If you won’t get an info message prompting you to update one or both of the required plugins of Movedo (Visual Composer and Movedo Extension) you’re ready.

In case you prompt to update any or both of the required plugins (Visual Composer and/or Movedo Extension)

  1. Click on Updating Plugins
  2. Check these plugins and Update
  3. You’re ready to go!

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