How to Set your Rows in Reload

Setting your Rows

First of all, notice that each row in Reload creates a full-width section by default (not full-width content).
This allows your backgrounds to stretch all the way across the screen. Furthermore, there are several more options. Let’s study them briefly.

Background Color

Choose, by using the color picker, a background solid color for your row(section).

Font Color

Choose the color for your fonts so texts will be readable.

Background Image

Upload a background image for your row. Choose Default, Fixed, Animated or Parallax Background.

Heading Color

Set the color for your headings. Select among default, light, dark or primary color.

Background Video

You can also enable a background video for your row. Reload supports 3 media types so your video has no difficulty to run in any browser.

Fade Overlay

You’ll have a fade effect if you enable this option. Background will fade on mouse over.

Pattern Overlay

In case you select this, a pattern (predefined) will be placed as a filter overhead your background color, image or video.

Color Overlay

Add a color overlay above your background. Choose among white, black, primary or secondary color. Thanks to this option there is no need to optimize your images in Photoshop.

Opacity Overlay

Choose the opacity for the color overlay.

Header Section

Check this box if the row you create is the first section just below the header.
This option ensures that there will be no gap between your header and your first section.

Check this box for your last section, the section just above the footer.
This option ensures that there will be no gap between your footer and your last section.

Last but not least, you have the ability to define the padding-top, padding-bottom and margin-bottom in each one of your rows (sections).
These are major settings to specify your spaces, especially when you use multiple colored rows or rows with image background.
For example: You have two rows with full background that you want to stick each other. Just set 0px the margin-bottom of your first row.
Keep in mind that background colors, images and videos in your rows should only be used on pages without sidebars.