How to create Popup modals with Blade

In case you want to use pop-up modals like on Blade’s live demo  there is a simple way of doing so. You can create  various buttons or simple links, add the appropriate class and link to open hidden areas like sliding area or search from everywhere. What you should simply add in a VC element is a link and an extra class. For instance, to replicate our demo modals, these are the links and related classes as shown below:

Search: URL: #grve-search-modal CLASS: grve-toggle-modal
Menu Form: URL: #grve-menu-form-modal CLASS: grve-toggle-modal
Side-Area: URL: #grve-sidearea CLASS: grve-toggle-hiddenarea

The type of Menu Form that will be used will be the one that is set under Appearance > Theme Options > Header Options > Menu Form.

You can also read this related article for more details 🙂