How to use Impeka Elementor Library

Do you just need specific Elementor blocks or pages from Impeka demos to create your site? Do you just need to import a few pages to get a simple understanding of how the theme works and what certain elements and functions have to offer for you? Impeka offers the option […]

How to Register Impeka

Following Envato Requirements, we’ve implemented the Envato Purchase Code Registration on Impeka 1.2.5. Registering Impeka is quick, easy, and in the upcoming releases, it will provide many benefits as the Premium Plugins installation and the Import of the pre-made websites. How to register your product To register your product, navigate […]

Impeka theme demos and builders

As you have seen, Impeka comes with two different builders and it is also compatible with the Gutenberg editor. However, the demos that you will find in Impeka are not created with both builders and in most cases, they can’t be created with the other builder or with Gutenberg editor. […]

Theme Intro Loader in Impeka

A new feature is available in Impeka – the Theme Intro Loader. This loader will appear only on your homepage and you can combine it with an image and/or two titles. You can enable or disable it under Theme Options > Theme Intro. You can set all the Available Options: […]

Enable/Disable the Theme Indicator (cursor effect)

You can enable or disable the Theme Indicator (cursor effect) in Impeka according to your needs. You will find this option under Theme Options > Miscellaneous > Theme Indicator. Also, there are two different styles for your Indicator in Impeka. If you choose Style 2 you can set a different […]

Setup the Skin on Scroll Effect in Elementor

The Skin on Scroll Effect template is an amazing feature to use when you have sections with different background colors. Now it is also available on Elementor combined with the Impeka Widgets. You would need to install and activate the Elementor and Elementor Extension plugins. The result is to get […]