Change the Safe Button Icon in Movedo

The Safe Button functionality in combination with the usage of the Area Items can offer to your visitors rapidly accessible condensed fundamental information. In order to provide even more flexibility, there is the possibility to replace the predefined Safe Button Icon via your child theme. The steps are quite simple: Enable and […]

Image sizes in Movedo

Below you can see the image sizes from the functions.php file. If you need to save some server bandwidth we recommend uploading images of exactly the sizes listed below so as WordPress will not resize your images. However, this will not affect your site performance. add_image_size( ‘movedo-grve-large-rect-horizontal’, 1170, 658, true […]

Install Movedo and its required plugins

Before all else, you must setup a WordPress version on your server. After downloading the package, you will have “Movedo” folder and “” file inside the Theme package. You can either choose to upload the Theme to your server via ftp (just upload the folder “Movedo” into the folder wp-content/themes) […]

Single Product Options in Movedo

Here, we are going to describe the options you have as to create a product page. Below, we explain each field one by one: Header/Main Menu  Header overlapping: Select if you wish or not to overlap your page header. Of course you can just leave the inherit option to get what exists […]

Portfolio Options in Movedo

To create a Portfolio Item, go to: Portfolio > Add New Add a title Add some content (you can use Visual Composer) Add description for the title Add more details for the sidebar Add categories and item fields (extra info in a list style) Upload a featured image for your […]

Post Options in Movedo

To create a Post, go to: Posts > Add New Add a title Add some content Add categories and some tags Movedo supports 6 custom post formats. These are: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video and Audio Post Format. You can simply choose the post format you need and follow the […]

Page Options in Movedo

Let’s create a new page by following the usual WordPress steps: Go Pages > Add New Give the page title Add your content (use the amazing Visual Composer) Just below the Tinymce Editor you will notice two meta boxes (sections for settings): One with the title ‘Page Options’ and another […]

Area Item

This component can be used in the Safe Button and in the Bottom Area. You can add the content you need via the Visual Composer and Movedo’s handcrafted elements. Just create the layout you wish (rows,columns) and add any element you want. Keep in mind that you can set it as global or override the […]

Setting your Columns in Movedo

General Extra Class In case that you like to use one of your classes. Font Color Choose the color for your fonts so texts will be readable. This will override your row color selection. Heading Color Set the color for your headings. Select among default, light, dark or one of […]

Feature Section Slider

You will be amazed by the possibilities of this element. Firstly, you can define the height of the section,  its background color and if you wish to place it above or below your header. Afterwards, you can set your preferences for the slider element which will really impress you. You […]