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    Under this category, you will find multiple helpful articles which are general and that we hope to be very helpful regardless of the theme that someone uses. Enjoy reading these articles!

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  • Blade 42 Articles

    Blade is a straightforward multi-functional WordPress Theme in which Flexibility and Simplicity exist side-by-side. It is suitable for building every website project you have in mind, believe us!

  • Osmosis 31 Articles

    Osmosis is an unparalleled and effortless multi-functional WordPress Theme. It offers stand-out-from-the-pack options and superior aesthetics; become the designer you have always dreamt of and impress the world simply and smartly.

  • Reload 20 Articles

    Reload is a modern, unique and responsive WordPress theme. It’s a multipurpose, cross browser compatible theme with simple, clean and impressive design. It is based on Reload HTML template and powered by Visual Composer and Redux Framework.